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5 months ago

Dear Melanders,

Happy July!

Despite the bear market, Meland has always insisted on value building. Let's look back at what happened in the Meland world in June.

June New Feature

In June, the PVP matching mode was launched.

Players can play against random players. The winner will receive points and the loser will lose points. Players will be paired up in preference to those with similar points to ensure that all players meet opponents of equal strength.

At present, there are already three ways to find quiz opponents: challenge mode, invitation mode, and matching mode, which allow players to play against real-life friends, in-game friends, or in-game strangers respectively. There is a more exciting arena mode in the pipeline.

June New Partner

We are pleased to have become a strategic partner with ONSTON in June.

ONSTON is a decentralized Multi-verse. It connects and integrates various metaverse communities, allowing each of them to gain more attention and richer experiences.

By partnering with them, Meland will establish relationships with more communities, and connect to a broader world.

June Events

Quiz Battle with Meland

Our quiz battle event in May was so well received that we had a second live event on Twitch in early June. More players participated in the event.

Meland OneRare Week

In mid-June, we held a week-long co-branding event with our partner OneRare.

We have prepared a customized version of quizzes for OneRare, so that OneRare's NFT can be seen by more players.

The fun points competition also attracted many players from the OneRare community who were still active in the Meland world after the event.

This event showed us more possibilities for project linkage, and more exciting events are being planned.

Thank you all for your continued support and trust in Meland. We are also doing our best to build the project to be more valuable in the long run.

If you have any suggestions about, please feel free to feedback to us.

You can access the most up-to-date information at

Best regards,

Meland Team