Meland Weekly Updates V2.0.9 Beta

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7 months ago

Date: 2022-05-13


Quiz for Occupying Lands


Instead of completing two quizzes, each with 3 rounds, players now just need to complete one quiz with 6 rounds to get a piece of land.

The type of quiz in each round is random.


Players have 10 seconds per round instead of completing 3 rounds in 30 seconds.


The minimum difficulty of the quiz was lowered to make the experience better for new players.

The maximum difficulty of the quiz has been raised so that advanced players can also have suitable challenges.

Activity System

Daily Tasks Adjustment

New task: Defeat a monster +1pt/monster (Daily limit: 20 pts)

Canceled task: Quiz challenge success

Deduction speed adjustment

When the number of active points is between 61 and 80, one active point will be deducted EVERY HOUR.

Bugs Fixed:

Fixed the bug that the estimated 24h earnings of free access players were displayed incorrectly.

Fixed the bug that when a character was killed, (s)he still showed as alive but could not move.