Meland Weekly Updates V2.1.0 Beta

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6 months ago

New Feature:

Quiz Battle System

The player versus player system is launched.

Invitation mode is now available for beta testing.

Players can either challenge other players in the game or invite friends who do not have a game account to battle.

How to battle

Before the battle starts, the system will randomly select six types of quizzes.

When the battle begins, both players' quizzes will appear on the screen at the same time.

On the left is your quiz, and on the right is your opponent's quiz.

Each time a player completes a quiz, (s)he will attack the opponent once.

When one player's HP drops to 0, the game ends.

Challenge Mode

You can challenge the designated players in the game.

Find the player you want to challenge.

Click on him/her and then click on "CHALLENGE".

Wait for him/her to accept the challenge request.

Go all out on quizzes! The player's blood, attack, and defense are determined by equipment.

Invitation Mode

You can invite a friend who doesn’t have a game account to play with you.

Find the entrance to quiz battle mode in the right menu bar.

Click the "play with friends" button to copy the invitation link.

Send the invitation link to your friend.

Wait for your friend to click on the link and enter the preparation room as a guest.

Now, enjoy playing with your friends!

You two have the same value of blood, attack, and defense.


Quiz Adjustment

  • The difficulty of the Clock Adjustment and Character Memory has been lowered.

  • To mitigate the impact of quiz mode changes and quiz difficulty adjustments on the player experience, the quiz difficulty for all players will be reset to the easiest. The difficulty of the quiz will increase after the player successfully completes quizzes in a row.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed the bug that the system would fail the player if the quiz was completed at the last second

  • Fixed the bug that the player information panel did not display the player's combat data and equipment